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Our vision is to increase the well-being and productivity of our customers through our professional cleaning work. We want to help people feel comfortable in clean and well-maintained spaces and find their work environment inspiring. With our individual service, we respond to the specific requirements of each customer and do everything we can to exceed their expectations.

Trust in Prodomis GmbH building cleaning - for a clean future!

Prodomis GmbH stands for 11 years of concentrated experience in building cleaning. Our vision is to highlight the benefits of a clean and well-maintained working environment through our many years of expertise and specialist knowledge. With our professional service, we not only ensure a hygienic and pleasant atmosphere, but also increase the productivity and well-being of your employees. Trust in Prodomis GmbH - for impeccable cleanliness that has a positive impact on your company.


Prodomis GmbH building cleaning has set itself the goal of ensuring cleanliness and hygiene in every building with its comprehensive service. From maintenance cleaning to removal and construction cleaning to laundry and ironing services, we offer individual solutions for every need. Our basic cleaning lets rooms shine with new splendor, while our window, glass and slatted blind cleaning ensure clear visibility and a pleasant ambience.

We have been providing unparalleled service since 2013 and we aim to satisfy our customers with professionalism, integrity and effectiveness. From the smallest to the most complex jobs, we ensure that we are only finished when our customers are satisfied.

Our goal is to complete every project on time and with the highest quality. With a focus on personalized service and affordable prices, we are always committed to satisfying customers.


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Here you can add a review from one of your customers.



Here you can add a review from one of your customers.



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